What is Netgear nighthawk app?

Netgear nighthawk app is the up app that was developed before. As the name says it is an application. By using this application, you can easily manage and control your nighthawk router. You have to download the app in your wifi device such as mobile or tablet. After downloading, you can setup your router, configure the same for parental control, guest network etc. We will now discuss various features supported by this application.

Features supported by Netgear nighthawk app or up app

  • Settings of WiFi: you can change the name of your network, password of your network and security method using this app.
  • Device list: there are a number of devices connected to your router. You can view the list of all connected device to your network in this app.
  • Speed test: internet speed can be checked using this feature of the app. Ookla speed test is provided in the app, start the speed test and save the previous one in the history.
  • Guest network: you can change the name, password and security method of your guest network without any login to the router admin panel. It seems so easy for a user. This network has a separate username and password which can be given to the visitors. They won’t be able to interfere in your main network.
  • Traffic meter: you can analyz the traffic by using the traffic meter provided in this application.
  • Parental controls: enable the circle app and launch it. Parental control feature lets you create a secured and limited network for your children to keep them safe from malicious things on the internet.
  • Support page: you can make a direct link with the support page of your Netgear router. From the support page you can download the latest software, videos etc.
  • Router details: get the details of your router at one place. The details include your guest network, parental control, main wifi details and guest wifi details.
  • Setup your router: if you have purchased a new router and do not know how to set it up. But if your router supports this app then you need not to worry about setup. Download the app and start following the instructions for the setup. Start the process and it will perform the setup itself.
  • Know about the router: if you want to know the model number of your router, app version and firmware version then this app will tell you all of the above mentioned things.

How to setup your Netgear router using the nighthawk app?

Let us now discuss how to setup your router using this app. Follow the instructions and make you’re your router running in no time. If you find any difficulty while following the steps then get in touch with us.

  1. If your router has external antennas to increase the range then attach the antennas first.
  2. Make a connection between your router and modem using the internet port of your router.
  3. Turn on your router and confirm by waiting till the wifi LED gets solid.
  4. If you are using an android phone then open the play store and if you are using an apple device then open the app store. Search for the application Netgear nighthawk and download it on your mobile phone.
  5. Go to settings on your phone and search for the network name of your router. Connect to the wifi network of your router and enter the password. Find out the network name and password on your router.
  6. Open the Netgear nighthawk app on your mobile phone.
  7. You will see the setup tab or button there. Click on it to start the process and follow the instructions coming on the screen. You will soon setup your router and connection to the internet.

Enjoy lag free internet access by Netgear routers. The latest series of Netgear nighthawk router support nighthawk app. You can also check the support on the internet or on the Netgear website.

Get the knowledge and troubleshooting tips from us about the app

If you want to know something more about the app or if you find any difficulty while using this app then contact us. Our experts stay online to solve your queries. For the circle feature, you have to check compatibility of your router with it. If your router is not compatible then what should you do, want to know more? Get in touch with us through the live support chat window. We can solve any issue related to the Netgear router. The issue occurs while the setups when you do it by using the web address But this app makes the setup process much easier. If you want to change any of the settings using this app then also you can contact us. We have given our number on the website.